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Corporate Catering Services

Corporate events are different form personal events in a way. These are generally organized to appease participants over business discussions, to celebrate success, to launch a product and to organize a get together for employees or business partners. The kind of arrangement made by the corporate entity says a lot about its perceived value in the minds of stake holders. So the catering service you choose must be very professional and of very high standard.

Special Skills Are Required in Corporate Catering

Corporate catering is a highly specialized job as it requires a different skill set for perfect execution. For corporate catering, very high level of professionalism and discipline is expected. As these events are attended by the senior and top management as well, it becomes important to host them appropriately.

Corporate events happens to be quite professional and of serious nature. They usually involves large amount of money as well. So it becomes important that the catering employees are dressed appropriately and are trained well to serve the company executives and business owners.

Corporate Events are Serious Business

Caterer for corporate events must be highly experienced and trained for perfect execution. In case of corporate catering, the caterer always needs to stretch and go an extra mile as it would be difficult for the corporate management team to handle every aspect of the event. So, it becomes very important that the corporate caterer must be well equipped to handle majority of the event execution. Some corporate events are intended to involve potential customers, media and other stakeholders, these events are organized at a large scale by the caterer on behalf of the company organizing the event. It becomes very important to ensure that the event gets executed successfully as customers will be leaving feedbacks and media will write reviews. Catering is one of the very important aspects which decide the success of an event.

Corporate Caterers Needs To Be Highly Equipped

It’s important for a corporate caterer to have access to resources to make the execution unforgettable. Delivering highly polished and professional services are crucial in corporate catering. Apart from celebration, corporate events tends to have an agenda, a good catering service could hold the key to influence the stake holders. While big companies can hold large and lavish events, small and medium companies can share the budget and vision with us to enable us to execute the memorable event for them.

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Product Launch Catering Services

Product Launch is an extremely important event for any organization. Most of the stakeholders attend this event which ultimately gives direction to the lifecycle of a product. Best catering services for the event are as important as the event itself. We believe in nurturing evolving relationships with our corporate clients and become the part of journey by catering to all of their corporate catering requirements. We adhere to best practices in the industry and deliver best quality and services to compliment the event.

Corporate Gathering Catering Services

We provide corporate catering services for business meets and corporate gatherings & Conferences. The events are followed by the delicious food prepared by our chefs and served by our professional staff skillfully.

Corporate Events & Staff Party Catering Services

With years of experience in the catering industry, we ensure that your corporate events and staff parties become the most enjoyable with the delicious food preparations served by Petu Pandit. We maintain excellent service records, our team is professional and well trained to cater to all types of corporate catering.

Whatever the size of the gathering is, we always make your event a success. We offer multi-cuisine menu to cater to all your needs and our team of professionals work very closely with the clients to design the menu for every event.


Importance of Corporate Catering

Business meetings, conferences or events are organized with a clear agenda and expected outcome, lot of planning and efforts goes into that, space has to be reserved, best speakers needs to be chosen to deliver the message, the program needs to be coordinated and organized to have maximum impact, while all of this is important, don’t ignore another vital aspect: food.

Eating together develops a bond between people, when they enjoy a meal together, they become closer and tend to cooperate and trust each other and this is very valuable for a business. Such an important aspect of an event can’t be ignored and can’t be taken for granted. Opting for a corporate catering service is the best choice.

Make a Good Impression

Serving good quality food reflects, how much you care about your employees and business associates, it helps in developing a favorable perception about your company. Go beyond the typical ways of serving food and try the upcoming food trends to give a boost to the mood of stakeholders.


A corporate catering service has the experience of organizing for big business meetings or events, they understand the corporate protocols and how the executives and senior management people needs to be attended to. They understand what kind of food will be appropriate and how to prepare each dish. A catering service know how to transform the process of eating into an experience and people engaged.


Corporate events or meetings are an expensive proposition, the time is always limited for attending to business and networking with colleagues and business associates. A corporate catering service becomes extremely essential for such an event. You can be at peace of your mind when you know that the task has been assigned to experienced hands. A corporate catering service takes care of everything. i.e procuring raw materials to preparing, serving and cleaning up.

High Impact

Serving delicious food creatively makes people feel special. It has a positive impact on how the event is looked at. As a host you always expect your guests to praise and complement you for the food and arrangements. For such an occasion, corporate catering service becomes handy and useful.


Instead of going with the same traditional ways of serving food, you can opt from the extensive menu options provided by the corporate catering service. You can also go for customized arrangements as per your vision or theme, if you intend to follow a culture or a particular place, that’s also a choice. The menu options can be completely tailored as per your requirements, If you want gluten free, vegetarian, organic food…..a corporate catering service can easily provide it for you.

Save Time and Money

Professional caterers have access to best resources and have negotiation advantage with vendors and service providers, they do everything on your behalf to organize the event and save you money and time, so that you can focus on important aspects of your business.


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