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Wedding Catering Services 

A wedding caterer is as important as the wedding itself. Everybody wants to make the wedding day a memorable one. It’s the food that sets the tone and vibe for your special day. Delicious food along with great hospitality can add charm and joy to the celebration, that’s why choosing a good wedding caterer is so important. Some occasions are in fact larger than life, so it’s best to leave the arrangements in experienced hands for perfection

Hiring a wedding caterer is a sound investment. If you are expecting guests from multiple cultural backgrounds, choosing the food options becomes far more important for making everyone feel welcome and included in your wedding. This is where a dedicated wedding caterer can help you by providing extensive menu options to satisfy every guest’s palate.

Wedding caterers are experts in their job, they craft culinary masterpieces every day, so you can rely on them for making your day magical and food irresistible. They know the tips and tricks to accessorize the food and present it impeccably to impress your guests.

Weddings happen to be magnificent celebrations in India. The lavish occasion needs to be complimented with best wedding catering services to make it memorable.

The Role of Wedding Caterer

If you have decided to organize your wedding at a venue other than a hotel, you will definitely require the services of a wedding caterer at the venue of your choice. Wedding is an occasion which involves culture, tradition and massive arrangement for food and drinks. Apart from preparing and serving the food, a caterer plays many important roles on the day of your wedding.

Not Just Food

The role of Wedding Caterers has evolved many folds as compared to past. Modern weddings have become more lavish and complicated, preparing and serving the food with stunning presentation is a small part of the deliverable of a caterer. Most of its time goes into planning, preparations and coordinating with vendors, staff and third parties to ensure that everything gets executed smoothly on the day of your wedding.

Facilitating Supplies

If you have not hired a wedding planner, a wedding caterer plays a very important role in facilitating the supplies for the occasion, being professionals, they have access to best resources and have far better negotiation advantage, which can help you getting the vendors and suppliers at an optimized cost.

Preparing & Serving Food

Preparing and serving food is the most important part of the responsibilities of a caterer. Your wedding caterer takes care of thousands of operations which you don’t need to bother about. They take care of the operational and technical aspects of most important functions to organize a wedding. Procuring raw materials, ingredients, utensils and equipment,  deciding how the different dishes needs to be prepared to get optimal result, which cooking methods to be applied, deciding the time of serving food so that it can reach to the guests fresh and hot, taking care of perishable foods like cakes and desserts, arranging and deploying wait and hospitality staff.

Taking Care of Guests

A good wedding caterer spends considerable time with the couple and the family to understand their vision and what kind of experience they want to create for their guests. It’s a very important part of the planning process as the rest of the arrangements depend on it. Your wedding caterer acts more like an event organizer as its responsibilities goes far beyond serving food.

A Trusted Advisor and Facilitator

A Wedding Caterer with exposure to hundreds of weddings will have great ideas, great advice, and access to best resources and vendors, you can leverage their expertise for making your wedding a great event. Being a professional, a wedding caterer understands very well what all you need and can help you in organizing the venue and other stuff as per your vision and requirement.


The Importance of Selecting the Right Catering Company for Your Party

Everyone wants the vibe of the party to be set by satisfied guests. Delicious food, presentation and services are an important aspect to achieve that. Mood of the guests gets set by the quality of food they consume and the kind of hospitality they receive. This true for all kind of events, whether it’s a wedding, party or a corporate event. We go extra mile to ensure that the guests enjoy themselves.

We do pre-event preparation to completely understand the requirement of our clients. i.e number of attendees, what theme or style our client is willing to follow for the event, is it a sit down event or a buffet style, how many employees needs to be deployed in relation to the number of guests, how the food will be prepared and served and other important aspects of hospitality arrangements. If a caterer can provide you with quality food, excellent presentation and good hospitality to show that its committed for your happiness. It’s difficult to find a better one.

Petu Pandit – Wedding Catering Services

At Petu Pandit, serving authentic delicacies from across the cuisines is our expertise and creating the best experience for our guests is our passion. We cater to all the occasions irrespective of the venue and size of gathering.

We work very closely with the organizers to ensure the delivery of best food as per the expectations of the guests. Our Master Chefs and hospitality experts help in designing the exclusive menu as per your choice and budget. The menu options range from Indian, Continental, Chinese, Japanese and much more as per your requirement.

Pre/Post Wedding Celebrations

Indian weddings are accompanied by many pre and post marriage celebration like, Mehendi Ceremony and Reception. These celebrations happen to be equally vibrant as marriage itself. We complement the grace of all these events with our wedding catering services by serving delicious food and creating best catering experience.

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