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Petu Pandit is your catering services expert in Delhi NCR. In addition to full service catering we deliver packed meals too. The best way to celebrate an occasion is with delicious food, therefore our chefs take extra care in crafting each dish. As catering services have evolved much beyond serving food, you need to find a caterer that can take care of the entire arrangement in an organized and professional way………….Read More

Diverse Tastes

Tastes have become more sophisticated and diverse. Catering food menu is not the simple thing as they used to be. A celebration needs catering services which can provide food from wide array of cuisines and as per eating preferences of the guests and for different cultures. More and more guests are becoming health conscious and they want catered food which is delicious, healthy and presented in a creative way.

Planning The Event

A large part of planning an event goes into deciding the food you intend to serve to your guests. To figure out the food preferences of different set of guests and preparing the food to meet their expectations is quite difficult, presenting the food in creative ways and serving it for easy access makes it quite skillful. This is all what makes caterers so important for a celebration or event. Finding the right caterer is very important for the success of any event weather its large or small.

Beyond Serving Food

Catering is not just about preparing and serving the food, That’s the outcome of all the efforts which goes into it. It’s much more complex than what it looks like. Arranging the transport to deliver the raw materials, crockery, decor, kitchen furniture, cookware, thermal boxes and carts is what it starts with. Handling the raw materials at such a large scale, preparing the food with consistency and serving that in a perfect way require expertise and skill. It’s important to understand, how much commitment, effort, organization, coordination and team work is required at caterers end to come to the desired outcome.


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Why A Professional Catering Company

Catering has become a very specialized field in the modern era, it’s not just about food anymore, catering services are becoming a more popular choice for celebration and events where everything including quality of food, services and presentation is important. But, it starts with food, which is the most important part of any catering arrangement……………..Read More

Makes Planning Simpler

Planning an event is a time consuming and stressful task. List of guests needs to be prepared, invitations needs to be sent, arrangements needs to be made for venues, entertainment, decoration and food and that too within timelines. Understanding the food logistics is more difficult if you don’t have experience in it. Your caterer does it for you. A good caterer ensures that your event is fully stocked, food is served in most interactive way and your guests are well taken care of. It allows you to get relieved and focus on other important aspects of the event.

Let the Professionals organize the ceremony

Any task performed by a professional has a different outcome. Food catering for an event must be left to the experts in this domain. A good catering service is something which can’t be compromised in an event and which has the potential to make it a success.

Presentation is Important

Presentation of the food in a celebration must be stunning, it shouldn’t only taste delicious but should look good also to engage the guests. A good caterer pays attention to the every detail and ensures that the presentation of the food correspond with the entire theme of the event. It leaves a lasting impression on the guests and makes the event memorable.

Quality of Service

Along with delicious food and presentation, quality of service is equally important as your esteemed guests are needed to be attended gracefully. Courteousness and professionalism of the wait staff makes a huge difference in any celebration.

Invest in Catering

Whenever you plan an event, make a good impression by investing in a good caterer. The versatility which is offered will make your event succeed. Quality service from an experienced caterer will pass on the message to your guests that you care for them and have an amazing taste.

Recent Catering Services

Food is not just eating but an experience, we follow this philosophy. Our passion for cookery subsequently led us to take food preparation to an completely new level.Serving original Indian, Continental, Chinese and Japanese cuisine is that we specialize in


Petu Pandit – Catering Services

Planning an event is a tedious task. Everything needs to be done within timelines. All the events or celebrations have the sole purpose of inviting and serving the guests in the most beautiful way. To take the food preference of all sets of guests into consideration and designing the custom menu become very crucial for the success of the event. Arranging everything on your own and getting things done can be very stressful. Petu Pandit can take care of the hard work so that you can focus on other crucial things and enjoy the special day with your guests. Being professionals, we have the knowledge of food logistics and have access to best resources available in the industry, which can save lot of time to you and can bring the best catering services to your doorstep…………Read More

Versatile Menu

We constantly work on including the versatile menu options in our offerings. We sit down with you to understand the food preferences and cultural aspects of the guests to present you the most suitable menu options, if you have a specific vision or preference, we ensure to turn that into a reality.

Attention to Detail

As a caterer, we pay attention to every detail. From procuring the groceries, raw materials and ingredients to presenting the final dish, every minute detail gets taken care of. We ensure to procure fresh and best quality ingredients. Hygiene during the food preparation remains our top most priority. Preparing and presenting the food is done very thoughtfully to make it correspond with the theme of the event.  We have the skills and experience to adapt to any venue environment.

Professionalism, Presentation & Quality of Service

Catering is a serious business, Organizers rely heavily on catering services for the success of the event. Presentation of the food brings charm to all the celebrations, that’s why we appoint highly skilled professionals to accessorize the food and make beautiful presentation arrangements.

Whatever the occasion is? Weather it’s a wedding Celebration, Theme Party or a Corporate Event, We handle every event with professionalism and ensure to deliver best hospitality service.

An event catered by an experienced and professional caterer leaves a lasting impression on the guests. It makes the event more structured and organized. Whether it’s a private event or a special day, hiring a good caterer makes a statement that you took time and put in efforts to make the event special. This is where you need our catering services.

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Our Core Values

We have best professionals from hospitality industry which further adds to our potential to deliver the best. Petu Pandit go extra mile to ensure that every requirement has been attended to. Above all it ads to our loyal client base. Its our constant attempt to do our best for making your occasion a memorable one.

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