Experiential Catering


Experiential Catering Experiential Catering would be the biggest catering trend in 2019. People want to know what are they eating and the origin of the food they are consuming. Consumers are becoming more aware about the ingredients used in food preparation. Therefore transparency will be the key to catering services providers. Under experiential food catering,

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Grazing Tables


Grazing Tables Organizing grazing tables is the latest trend in wedding catering and corporate catering. It allows the guests to engage with the food in entirely new way. Food items can be served on grazing tables with diverse and colorful presentation. The more vibrant the presentation is, the more impact it has on your guests.

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Healthy Catering


Healthy Catering The trend towards fresh and healthier food will continue in 2019. Use of fresh green vegetables and healthy fat will bring color and vibrancy to both outdoor catering. Moving towards healthy food preparations is the latest trend in the industry. It is gaining pace with each passing year. Healthy food not only tastes

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